The Tangle is an (as yet) unpublished novel by Pepita Maiden. 

Set on our own earth in the near future, the world of The Tangle is a greener, fairer place. But utopias, of course, don't really exist and not everyone is happy. There are those who aim to tear down the system to return to a time when power was in the hands of a privileged few.

The Tangle is speculative fiction touching on themes of financial equality and the insidious world of men's rights activism, and exploring a future decentralised internet.

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Pepita Maiden trained as a science communicator and worked in corporate communications and project management in the nuclear industry, biotechnology and mining. She became an analyst, then senior manager then board director for mineral exploration companies while doing speaking gigs, brokering and capital raising.


Needing a creative outlet, and a more stable income (post mining boom), Pepita retrained as a web designer and copywriter while keeping her fingers in a few tech pies and writing a football blog for an audience of about three. She would love to write fiction full time but will probably get another unexpected career change any day now. 


Pepita has lived in four countries including her native Australia and now resides in Ubud, Bali with her two boisterous adopted dogs and a beloved kindle with a cracked screen. 


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Technology of the Tangle

These articles contain insights related to the world of The Tangle. This covers technology mentioned in the book which has its roots in our current world. 




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