Three citizens uncover a conspiracy to destroy the social constructs that provide security, long life and equality to all, and they must race to protect the status quo from those who desire to reclaim their former power. 


The earth has survived the 21st century. The end of the water wars ushered in a new, worldwide golden age. The earth is a utopia for all to live in harmony – with humans committed to expanding the limits of art and science. All are equal, fed and healthy. All are recognised and rewarded for their skills and labour.  


But cracks are starting to appear in this eden where not everyone is satisfied. Rumours have led a journalist into the pacific playground of the super wealthy where splendour hides a growing rot.


An alarming digital weapon is unearthed, and a sinister, ambitious consortium seeks to violently undermine the social fabric.


Mack is a dedicated custodian of the peace, working on an unheard-of homicide and going undercover into the darkest corners of the digital world.


Journalist Cal is investigating an illegal slaughterhouse within the island paradise of the rich and famous. But nothing is as it seems amid the hedonistic pleasures. 

Luc is a security expert with a unique gift for accessing the dark net. A malware bomb is discovered that could destroy the hard-won structures of society. But sinking into the Tangle has its own risks.  

© 2020

Pepita Maiden

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