In the world of The Tangle, the 'weave' is the global online network (the net or web). It is now predominantly virtual reality (VR) and there are whole virtual cities to do anything online. To go shopping, for instance, you enter the Weave in your own simulated body to walk around shops and try on clothes, which are then purchased and sent to you physically. However citizens don’t need to keep dropping into the weave; they can also simply send text, voice and video messages through their implants to others through implant software. 


The Tangle is the future's decentralised network. It is seperate to the weave, using custom software and secured networks superimposed on (or under) the weave. Instead of central servers, Tangle sites and networks are hosted on millions of private servers and implants around the world.


The deep Tangle is the future’s dark net equivalent; it’s also called the deep net or underweb. It is set up for hidden, illegal and barely legal services both benign and harmful. This includes protecting dissidents, whistleblowers and crypto anarchists, peer-to-peer private communication and news leaks, file sharing, camodelling, circumventing censorship and bypassing firewalls. The deep Tangle is also used to host more insidious subcultures such as racists and misogynists, as well as other cyber crime such as file corruption and cracking, embezzlement and IP hacking, and of course the purchase and sale of illicit goods.


The Tangle and deep Tangle work the same way for virtual reality (VR); if you want to enter the Tangle you use a software program such as FreeWeave which takes your rented or purchased avatar past the firewalls and security barriers. Your avatar enters one of the two main Tangle cities and, through a special visor connected to your implant, you are able to walk around in your avatar’s body, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling almost as normal. There are no real barriers between the Tangle and the deep Tangle; the latter refers to highly secure sections of the Tangle that may hide illicit activities. 

A Decentralised Network, not quite independent from today's internet, already exists. You can find out more about the decentralised web here. (Also called dWeb, decentralised internet, web 3 and web 3.0)

Technology of the Tangle

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